Unleash your Inner Gypsy with 5 Decorating Tips for a Boho Chic Bedroom

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When you have a gypsy soul, you want the most important room within your home to have that bohemian style you adore. Your inner boho is likely bursting at the seams and desperate to be released, so it’s time to feed your interior decor fantasies with some boho chic decorating tips. Although bohemian interior design isn’t something that can necessarily be labeled, as it’s truly individual, The Fox and the Mermaid has some must have decor items that will add an eloquent dose of the color, creativity, travel, adventure and contrast you love. Shop now and get some well-needed rest and relaxation in a bedroom that is reflective of your mind and lifestyle.


Embrace the Art

Boho, bohemian, bohemian-chic, interior design, decorating tips,

A blank wall simply won’t do justice for your bohemian-chic aspirations. While many of us will place our favourite art pieces in the public areas of the home, it’s important to never forget the bedroom. Adding boho artwork into your bedroom interior design allows you to appreciate them in a more personal and reflective way.   Do a quick search of boho artists, writers, designers and musicians and start hanging the beloved artwork that you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without.


Color, Contrast and Creativity

Boho, bohemian, bohemian-chic, interior design, decorating tips,

When it comes to decorating bohemian interior design, there truly is no wrong color. Forget about the decorating trends and color palettes and choose something that reflects your personality and lifestyle. It’s the most important decorating tip because color is what truly allows a bohemian to free their mind. So, forbid the trends and choose something that speaks volumes about you. Purples, greens and blues are definitely an easy way to get that boho oasis appeal into the space.


Explore Textures and Patterns

Boho, bohemian, bohemian-chic, interior design, decorating tips,

Anything conventional just won’t do for your gypsy soul, and exploring textures and patterns can be the ultimate way to implement a bohemian interior style, while also showing off your adventurous side. Roundies are definitely a must have décor item, and with so many textures, patterns and colors to choose from, they can be the one item you need to complete your bedroom interior. Just be sure to interact the different textures and patterns together, instead of making them distract.


Don’t Forget the Bed

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With the bed being the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, it certainly cannot be forgotten. Your bed can also be the perfect place for some lounging and sleeping, and has the potential to be an artwork in itself. So, place importance on the bed sheets, boho duvet covers and pillowcases you choose to rest your head on night after night. Whether going after vibrant, contrasting colors, earthy tones or subtle, boho chic bedding, The Fox and the Mermaid collection is the ultimate place to do your shopping.


Think Outside the Square

Boho, bohemian, bohemian-chic, interior design, decorating tips,

As a bohemian, you like to think outside of the box – or square rather. Soften those corners and implement round elements into your bedroom interior with boho poufs. Embrace your love for culture, travel and art with the patterns and color schemes found on these must have boho items. They’re also perfect for creating a place within your bedroom that is specific and personalized to you. Whether you want to read, meditate or plan your next adventure, you’ll definitely want some poufs in your space.


The Fox and the Mermaid has everything you need to implement a bohemian-chic interior into your bedroom. Shop today and embrace your inner gypsy soul that is desperate to be freed.


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