7 Different Uses for Your Mandala Tapestry

7 Different Uses for Your Mandala Tapestry

Mandala tapestries are the hot summer must-have, boho-chic trend of the year. You probably already planned to use your mandala roundie at the beach, but did you know there are many other ways you can use your bohemian tapestry as well?


Your mandala tapestry, round or rectangular, looks great as wall art. You can hang it on your bedroom or living room wall. These vibrant tapestries instantly add flair and bohemian style to any room. 

tie-dye roundie and mandala elephant tapestry

You can even put them on your ceiling and create a tented bohemian-chic lair.

yellow ombre mandala tapestry round with black fringe

Did you know that a big boho beach wedding trend this year is to use mandala tapestries as seating on the sand? Boho brides can also use them to stand on during the ceremony or as a photo backdrop. Silver and gold mandala tapestries are especially popular with boho brides. 

gold and silver mandala tapestries

Another fun way to use your mandala tapestry is as a tablecloth. 

Boho beach wedding tablecloth decor tapestry

Is your couch starting to show wear? Skip the slip-cover and toss a tapestry over your couch.

Green ombre mandala tapestry roundie

Mandala tapestries also make great bedspreads and sheets. Must-have boho decor for all gypsy spirits.

brown and purple mandala tapestry bedding

Last but not least, mandala tapestries make great picnic blankets. What is more romantic than a picnic and a mandala throw big enough for two?

purple elephant tapestry picnic blanket

How to Decorate a Bohemian Theme on a Budget

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Bohemian is life. It isn’t about the price tag, or luxurious brands. It’s about being free-spirited, enjoying the world and everything that it has to offer; it’s about living an artistic life where you express yourself freely through the most creative of ways. So, it’s only natural that a boho lady such as yourself wants a bohemian themed interior design. You’ll be surprised at how a few statement bohemian pieces and essential decorating tips can change your entire household without breaking the bank. The Fox and the Mermaid has all the creativity you need to let your household interior design be a pure reflection of your perspective, thoughts and lifestyle.  

Think about Versatility

Bohemian, boho, boho chic, bohemian-chic, decorating tips, interior design

Whenever it comes to decorating on a budget, you always need to think about versatility. Incorporating some key bohemian décor into your home can fill the space with all the appeal you want, without having to spend a fortune. Large tapestries are amazing because they are the epitome of versatility. They can be used as everything from wall hangings to boho bedding, and then you can take it to the beach or park with you and use it as a blanket. You get a whole lot of bang for your buck with boho tapestries. Roundies are also exceptionally versatile and can be used as bed and couch throws, blankets, beach towels and even as artwork.  

Add in Accents

Bohemian, boho, boho chic, bohemian-chic, decorating tips, interior design

There’s no need to chuck your furniture on the curb, and there’s definitely no need to go on a crazy (and expensive) shopping spree. Just add in some bohemian accents into your interior. Boho poufs and cushion covers are amazing for adding in that authentic bohemian feel into your home. A few can go a long way, and can even add purpose into unused areas in your house. We love to add boho poufs into corners to soften the edges and to create a nice area to rest, meditate, yoga, read and relax.  

Change the Covers

Bohemian, boho, boho chic, bohemian-chic, decorating tips, interior design

Bedding can be expensive, but there’s no need to completely change up all your sheets, duvets and pillows – unless you want to, of course. However, when working on a tight budget, you just need to make a few small adjustments to get the most out of your boho aspirations. Your bed is one of the largest furniture pieces in your home, so it definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. Add on an Indian Quilt and watch your bedroom transform. They’re also excellent for throwing on the couch, which is yet another large furniture piece in your home that can make a boho chic statement.  

Go Big for Budget

Bohemian, boho, boho chic, bohemian-chic, decorating tips, interior design

You don’t want to break the bank, but you definitely want to incorporate decorating tips that are stylish, boho and that will also make a huge impact. Think big! When you can only pick a couple of boho décor items to add into your interior design, smaller items may not do justice. So, go big or go home. Large tapestries, large poufs and large boho roundies! For a fraction of the price, you can fill up a lot of space, which is super budget-friendly. 

Do You, Not the Trends

One of the best decorating tips you can ever follow is to do you. Forget the interior design trends, which probably isn’t a difficult task to begin with since being bohemian is all about one’s individual self, perspective, life and creativity. So, don’t worry about the trending color palettes of the season, or the patterns and prints that have been deemed as must have items within the modern world. Decorating a bohemian theme has nothing to do with what everyone else wants, and it has everything to do with what channels your inner gypsy soul.  


The Fox and the Mermaid knows how to do bohemian right. Shop today and let your interior design speak volumes about who you are as a person, and the lifestyle you thrive off of. Not breaking the bank with decorating tips has never been easier. You’ll be wondering how you ever lived without The Fox and the Mermaid before.



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