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Guatemalan Bags

Guatemalan Bags

All of our Guatemalan purse are completely handmade using hand-woven, vintage Guatemalan huipiles (traditional, woven blouses worn by Indigenous women in Central Mexico to Central America), Mayan blankets or rugs.

They were hand-woven on a backstrap loom using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. 

Each of our bags is one of a kind. The huipil designs are more than just beautiful embroidery, they have sacred, cultural and historical significance as each town has its own unique patterns and motifs that set it apart from other villages.


Our weavers are part of a co-op made up mostly of women from all corners of Guatemala. All products are fair trade and the prices are set by the artisans. Women and men get equal pay. There is absolutely NO child labor.