Embroidered Huipil Shoulder Bag The Fox and the Mermaid
Embroidered Huipil Shoulder Bag The Fox and the Mermaid
Hand Embroidered Guatemalan Hand Bag The Fox and the Mermaid
Guatemalan Purse The Fox and the Mermaid
Leather Bag Strap The Fox and the Mermaid

Mayan Mini Huipil Bag


This leather shoulder bag was made from a hand-woven, vintage Guatemalan huipil (a traditional Guatemalan blouse worn by the indigenous women of Mexico and Guatemala). It was completely handmade by Mayan artisans using re-purposed, sustainable textiles. Because it was made with vintage pieces, it may have slight imperfections which is part of its uniqueness. It is one-of-a-kind. No other bag exists exactly like it. 

The colors, weaving style, patterns, and symbols in the huipiles all reflect the history and traditions of the village where the weaver who made it comes from and carry spiritual and social significance.


*Full grain leather

*Vintage cotton huipil blouse

*Interior zippered pocket

*Two interior open pockets which are perfect for a cell phone, wallet or sunglasses

*Exterior zippered pocket

*Two exterior leather side-pockets with magnet closure large enough to hold a water bottle

*Top zipper closure

*Two shoulder straps

*Tan leather adjustable strap

*Dangling pom-pom included


Approximately 16 x 16 x 11 inches


Our weavers are part of a co-op made up mostly of women from all corners of Guatemala. All products are fair trade and the prices are set by the artisans. Women and men receive equal pay. There is absolutely NO child labor.