The History of Kantha Quilts

Kantha is one of the oldest types of embroidery in India and is often practiced by rural women. It is characterized by a long, running, hand-made stitch.

Detail of kantha running stitch The Fox and the Mermaid

In Sanskrit kantha means "rags" which reflects the fact that kantha quilts are made from old clothing or repurposed saris. Two pieces of fabric are stitched together creating a lightweight quilt, scarf, pillow or throw. These double-sided quilts are generally made from cotton or silk. No two are alike.

silk hand-stitched kantha scarf The Fox and the Mermaid

Kantha embroidery dates back 2,500 years although the running stitch that is popular today started about 500 years ago. These indian textiles are characterized by vibrant colors and their bohemian spirit.

Vintage Kantha Handmade Quilt The Fox and the Mermaid

Shibori and indigo tie-dye patterns offer a new spin on an old favorite. They are a must have for any bohemian chic home.

Shibori Kantha Quilt The Fox and the Mermaid



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