Our Story

Hi, I'm Brianna, the person behind The Fox and the Mermaid. I’m a free-spirited, southern California girl who grew up on the bohemian, hippie beaches of Venice, California, and following the Grateful Dead.
I have always been fascinated by other cultures, and inspired to create beautiful things, which led me to a very exciting career as an Executive Producer of documentary and reality television. As a producer, I traveled the world which cemented my love of other cultures as well as all things bohemian. I produced adventure shows where I lived in a tent in the jungles of Fiji; rode around in helicopters filming extreme athletes in the snow-capped alps of New Zealand. I spent six months living in the artsy and bohemian meat-packing district of New York City crafting stories about up-and-coming musicians. I also interviewed celebrities at movie premieres and award shows, helped catch criminals in undercover stings, planned surprise weddings, had many broken-hearted Bachelors and Bachelorettes cry on my shoulder, and generally fed my artistic and curious gypsy soul.
 After 18 years traveling the world to tell other people’s stories, I decided to channel my creativity into my own passion—creating beautiful things from all over the world, with a focus on vibrant colors, handwoven fabrics, vintage textiles, natural pigments, and bohemian style. Maybe because I grew up in the melting pot of Los Angeles, I have always felt strongly that cultural diversity enriches us, inspires us, makes society stronger, and just makes life more interesting and full. That is one of the reasons I am so attracted to the artistry of other cultures, whether it’s that of our neighbors across our southern border who keep the rich historical and artistic traditions of their Mayan ancestors alive through backstrap loom weaving or the artisans in India who painstakingly hand stamp their gorgeous fabrics with wood blocks when it would so much cheaper and faster to resort to mass-producible digital printing.
And this is exactly what makes The Fox and the Mermaid special. All of the products have a unique history and a meaningful connection to the past which in turn makes those products much more than just another bag, dress, or necklace. The colors, historical symbolism, and centuries-old techniques passed down by the artisans’ ancestors, as well as the love put into them, are what makes each item exceptional. 
The Fox and the Mermaid’s creations are designed by me and made around the globe using ethically-sourced textiles. Absolutely nothing is mass produced and I know and work with all the artisans who craft everything.

In my previous life, working as a reality TV producer

Learning how to block print in Jaipur, India

Taking a break from work to enjoy the beautiful sights of Jaipur