This is Rahul. He, his wife, Priya, his brother Anil, his brother's wife, Manisha, and his parents work together in their home in Dehli creating one of a kind bags, jewelry, kimonos, and jackets using one-of-a-kind, vintage textiles. 

How banjara bags are made The Fox and the Mermaid 

Rahul making a banjara bag in their living room. 

 These bags are hand-embellished using shells, coins, pom-poms, beadwork, kutch tribe patches and other one-of-a-kind adornments. No two are ever the same. 

sewing shells on a banjara bag by hand The Fox and the Mermaid

Priya sewing cowrie sells onto a banjara bag

After a week of team work, this is the finished product, a beautiful, one-of-a-kind bag.

Kantha Banjara Handmade Bag The Fox and the Mermaid

 Rahul's father is the jewelry-maker of the house.

Making Jewelry from Vintage Tribal Pieces The Fox and the Mermaid

He makes necklaces and bracelets using vintage pieces from the Kutch tribe of Northern Rajasthan. 

Kuch tribe pendants The Fox and the Mermaid

Here is the finished piece, a completely handmade and one-of-a-kind necklace made with upcycled tribal jewelry pieces. 

Yellow Beaded Kuchi Necklace The Fox and the Mermaid 

Anil and Manisha specialize in embellishing jackets with antique tribal patches, pom-poms, shells, beadwork, and vintage coins. Here are some of the beaded tribal patches that will be sewn onto denim jackets. 

 banjara patches for denim jackets The Fox and the Mermaid.                                    Vintage Tribal Patches The Fox and the Mermaid

These tribal patches are also available for sale for your DIY projects

denim embellished jacket The Fox and the Mermaid


 Sewing embellishments on leather jacket The Fox and the Mermaid       

Leather Banjara Jacket The Fox and the mermaid 

Rahul's mother sews one-of-akind kimono wraps made from vintage Indian sarees using a traditional sewing machine that is operated by hand, not with electricity. 

 How vintage sari wraps are made The Fox and the Mermaid

The finished product:

kimono made from vintage sarees  The Fox and the Mermaid 

Not only are all these upcycled pieces eco-friendly and sustainable, no factories were involved so all the profits go straight to Rahul and his family. 

Thank you for being a part of supporting these talented artisans and keeping the handmade crafts alive.


the artisans who make our bags and jackets The Fox and the Mermaid

At the Taj Mahal The Fox and the Mermaid Rahul and I visiting the Taj Mahal


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